by derek joe brockett

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originally this was a hand made demo CD of 5 songs. 50 copies were made and given away for promotional use. album download includes scans of all the original artwork by tony roberts. some copies came with the rat sticker.


released January 6, 2009

players: derek joe brockett, kyle reid



all rights reserved


derek joe brockett

born in the USA 1971 to the sounds of black sabbath, marvin gaye, rolling stones, david bowie, and sly and the family stone. first e.p. on vinyl was recorded in oklahoma, 2001. all other releases recorded in oaxaca, mexico where the proverbial hat is hung. this is outsider's music with an existential twist and so no wonder why you've found yourself here. ... more

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Track Name: all these smiling skulls
all these smiling skulls,
they've worn their skin so thin
smiling skulls I've been,
they frowned, yeah, they frowned

all these skulls I see,
smiling skulls so bold,
they've strained & their wrecks emote
new skin, yeah, new skin

all these skulls I might have,
skulls' smiles stretch through lifetimes
contours in old flesh, alas,
I go, yeah I go . . .

from skull to smiling skull
Track Name: big bowels
black walls, black halls!
black walls, black halls!
paint peels back breath.
pitch reveals black death.
black eye shines an unkind black mind.
hated howls in deep black bowels.
footsteps pool through black blood drool.
big bowels! big bowels!

black nails, black veils!
black nails, black veils!
stink burns back hairs.
time churns black stairs.
oily partition, resinous black curtains.
forked tongues in drapes of black lungs.
soot-steps choke through black bone smoke.
big bowels! big bowels!
Track Name: here comes the beast/relax into awareness of celestial villains
here comes the beast and I'm steeped in fun.
she plays to keep and tell you I'm done.
her heat's searing me and I run
but the whole of my undoing's come undone.

now I'm smitten by the beast.

here comes the beast and her filthy hell
she scalds away my bygone days and my sense of smell
she chews up what I longed for and for what I fell
beast smites the ground I walk on and I am felled

now I'm gotten by the beast.
she's chewing on my bones, I'm her feast

here comes the beast, I'm dismayed say
by my accumulated fortunes I am betrayed
ash blows, bones ache until the end of my days
well, I'll be dined, tonight the beast has come to graze

now I'm gotten by the beast
she's gnawing on my bones, I'm her feast
and it's awful being dined on, to say the least
Track Name: what's good for the goat
hey, the gnashing of teeth, the crinkle of leaf,
the thorns of potential pain
days, the numbing of limbs, the perversion of hymns,
here a loss, yet there's a gain
ache, the gnawing of thirst, it's what's good for the goat,
erosion of all one's good ways
bake, the scalding of sin, the price of old skins,
a spiral of endless graves

hey, it's the splinter of jaw, the ruin so raw,
it's time again throughout our days
days, the patter of flame, heavy the blame,
molten, all bones ablaze
ache, it's the tatter of spine, it's what's good for the goat,
striken as one was raised
Bake, it's this matter of clay, it's one of two ways
to scrape residual haze.
Track Name: the eye
the eye is old and it sees all these things,
the curve of a girl, and the shine of her ring
the eye it blinks and a tear drop forms
at the loss of a prize, at a baby is born

& you're tied to him,
you let it begin
will it ever end?
O, how the eye offends

the eye is a door through which the mind is enticed
by dazzling lights so seemingly nice
when the eye fails to see clearly,
dumb fuckin' desire, no, it won't let you be

& it's tied to you,
this residue,
your rightful due,
an eye untrue

the eye dies so deep in the skull
once gross sensations now disturbingly dull
the eye dries, O, how it has betrayed
with this deception you're bound to remain.

you're tied to the eye,
the offending eye,
you've let it lie to you,
a 1000 times, you fool