LOAF e​.​p.

by derek joe brockett

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mini album originally released via Tract Records on 3 inch CD.


released October 31, 2006

derek joe brockett: all instruments & singing. lyrics and music by derek joe brockett (c) 2006 gallery thirteen ASCAP. Thanks to Delia, Samuel, Mario Corona, Jim Hanetho, Thomas Heath, Juan Duran & Tony Roberts. This record is dedicated to the memory of Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour



all rights reserved


derek joe brockett

born in the USA 1971 to the sounds of black sabbath, marvin gaye, rolling stones, david bowie, and sly and the family stone. first e.p. on vinyl was recorded in oklahoma, 2001. all other releases recorded in oaxaca, mexico where the proverbial hat is hung. this is outsider's music with an existential twist and so no wonder why you've found yourself here. ... more

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Track Name: toil
is there anything at all around
if there's no eye there to see it,
and no I there to be it?
what good's your unseen frown?

& what's so good about showing
when we mostly end up owing
all around this one-horse town?

& if there's horse shit around
and yet that I don't perceive it,
is it therefore less legit?
what good's an alone clown?

& yet your towboat's towing
my eye that once was rowing
is now gaping at your loose gown.

can we not just put time in the ground?
yes, let's bury Father Time way deep down!
look what I've done to try and forget
all the things I've done that don't fit
what good am I so earthly bound?

I don't think we're going
just miraculously flowing
through time and space unbound.

so people take a good look at me
& if you do, surely you will see ourselves
toiling all our live-long days!
toil! toiling all our live-long days!
Track Name: by the great redeemer
I take a gander at you now
and I know that nothing is the same
'cause we breath in all our lives
and breath is the death of fun and games

yet it seems to us that we are the same
when everything about us is changed
you spread through a tube of dust
in such a way that can't be tamed

by the great redeemer.
Track Name: terminal fool
the fool hates where he is
the fool regrets everything he's done
the fool worries about what he'll do next
& even more the fool who worries
to him what will be done

I am the fool, the terminal fool.
I was having foolish fuckin' fun
Track Name: hungry ghost/ni modo
In my veins, in cold dark veins
uncanny refrains course and strain.
All my bygone days corrode me away
and so a body decays and so a body remains.

A hungry ghost, an old craving comes close.
Old longings float and perversions bloat.
Do I have more than most of old lusts and old boasts?
Impure and morose, my dead tongue host.

In the hungry ghost domain, longingly cling.

Inside a cold tomb, inside a warm womb
a new world is hewn, new sea beneath new moon.
Are we eternal blooms on a tree of doom?
Eternal gloom as all is consumed.

In the hungry ghost domain, longingly cling
Track Name: massive damnation
massive damnation
brains that hate pit nation against nation
fistfuls of death and destruction
smash and scatter the whole of creation

O, what you gonna do now?
no finger-licking stew now
no walks in morning dew now
no, nevermore.

massive damnation!

what will become of us?
of bones and deeds and dust?
& what of all that faith and trust?
now we pay for crimes of loathe and lust

O, who you gonna blame now?
can't eat your claim to fame now
can't hide your face in shame now
no, nevermore.

massive damnation!
Track Name: butcher's remains
they stretch out their hands
& every finger is crushed
by an ignorant cruelty

we all gnash our teeth
& every skull is crushed
by an enormous tyranny,
yeah tyranny

so the weak among me
raise their fists in flames,
and the butcher in them
ravages remains,
and of that butcher
we'd only leave a stain,
but the meek among me
are dumb, mute, blind, and lame

& all that remains is the butcher's remains